How To Sell On Clickbank – My Experience

Have you ever wondered how to set up the process to sell a product on Clickbank? This is something I’ve been figuring out over the past couple of months and I was amazed at how difficult it was to do it the way I wanted to do it. So over my next few posts you’ll be getting the benefit of my experience as I show you how to sell a product using Clickbank.

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Firstly, I’ll explain what I wanted to do. I’d created my guide on How To Price And Sell Your Product Or Service (yes, that’s a link to the sales page, but looking over that page may help you better understand what I’m talking about here). I wanted to sell the product, but I also wanted affiliates to promote the product for me. For this reason I chose to sell via Clickbank because they make it easy for affiliates to promote your product.

It was important to me that when someone buys the product, they’re added to my Aweber email list. There’s a lot of talk in marketing circles about having a ‘buyers list’ . This makes great business sense – you must know who has bought your product because they may be more likely to by other products you create.

Linking Aweber and Clickbank

I quickly discovered that there was no simple way to link Aweber and Clickbank so that buyers would be automatically added to my email list.

Initially (before moving to Clickbank) I sold the guide as a Warrior Special Offer through the Warrior Forum. Using Warrior Plus as the shopping cart, I was able to link it to my Aweber account and it would automatically add any buyers to my email list. I’d set up this list as a single opt-in list.

Normally Aweber want you to set up your list as double opt-in. This means that when someone submits their details to subscribe to an email list they’re then sent an email with a confirmation link in it – they must click that confirmation link in order to confirm their subscription. A single opt-in list is different – there’s no confirmation required.

Aweber prefer the double opt-in situation as it ensures that everyone who is added to your list knows about it and has agreed to it. This is one way to reduce complaints as there’s a record of each person confirming their subscription.

Single opt-in is more risky because they haven’t given their permission to be signed up to the list. Now, I’d never make my main blog email a single opt-in list because there is the chance that people will abuse it and submit email addresses that aren’t theirs.

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When it comes to a product purchaser, I feel a bit different because they’re purchasing a product from me. I want the ability to keep in touch with them, particularly because I want to contact them about product upgrades etc. In my mind, when I buy any digital product there’s an acceptance that if the product provider asks for my email address, they’ll use it to communicate with me.

So the Warrior Forum set up worked well for me. People would buy my product and be automatically added to my buyers list. I had an autoresponder set up so they received a message from me immediately after then purchase, and then another message a day afterwards. Both these messages would explain how (and why) they were added to my list and gave then the option to unsubscribe if they wanted to.

I expected that the integration between Aweber and Clickbank would be similar. Unfortunately it wasn’t that simple.

Clickbank and Aweber will link together. In your Aweber dashboard you have the ability to add Clickbank as one of the email parser options. In non-geek speak this means that Clickbank can communicate with your Aweber account and submit the email address of your product purchasers to Aweber automatically. So if  when someone buys your product, their email address is sent to Aweber without them needing to do anything.

Now I wanted this to be the end of it but unfortunately it’s not to be. Aweber insist that any email addresses from Clickbank are confirmed as part of their double opt-in process. I’ve checked and spent hours on Google researching this and I can’t find any way around it.

My preference is for single opt-in for a product sale, because I don’t want the buyer to have to make too many clicks as part of the transaction. But I do want to add them to my email list.

Can you structure the sales process so customers confirm their subscription before getting access to their product?

No! Clickbank are very particular about this, and so they should be because technically, they’re the product seller.

Clickbank say you must have a sales page and a thank you / download page. They won’t approve your product unless these things are in place.

The process is simple:

  1. Client reads your sales page.
  2. Clicks on the Buy Now button
  3. Lands on Clickbank’s order form page. Submits payment details.
  4. Is returned to your website’s Thank You page where they can access the download.

Can You Protect The Download Page?

photo credit: Bryan Ledgard via photopin cc

I’ve written a couple of articles on how to hide pages on a WordPress blog. Particularly when you’re selling a product, you don’t want people to be able to access your product download page and get your product for free.

The problem with hiding a page in WordPress is that once the URL is found, it can be shared. So if you give someone the secret download URL for your product, they can pass that on to other people and the page is no longer secret.

So I looked around for a product that would enable me to set up some protection around the product download, but would also integrate with Clickbank and Aweber.

After more hours searching on Google I came to the conclusion that a product called DLGuard was the solution.

DLGuard is both a shopping cart and membership site plugin. It does a range of things, but what I was most interested in is it’s ability to protect your product downloads.

The latest version works well with WordPress. What you do now is set up your product Thank You page in WordPress and then add in some DLGuard code where you want the download button to appear.

Within DLGuard you tell it where the product is stored and DLGuard does the rest.

It integrates with Clickbank so the customer is returned to a unique URL on your site. They also receive an email with this URL in it. The URL is different for each sale, and you can set an expiry time on the URL – i.e. make the link current for 24 hours only.

The customer has enough time to download the product and the risk of the link being shared is reduced.

The Final Process

Once I worked out what products I needed to do the things I wanted to do, the rest was easy.

I’ve put together a flowchart showing the product sales process using Clickbank, Aweber and DLGuard.

How To Sell A Product On Clickbank - Image

 The three service providers – Clickbank, Aweber and DLGuard work well together. When a customer buys a product they’re added to Aweber and their details are also put into the DLGuard database. So if someone loses their download link they can email me and it’s easy for me to confirm their purchase and reissue a link.

Selling Products On Clickbank – Summary

This article provides the big picture overview of how I’ve set up my product for sale using Clickbank, Aweber and DLGuard.

Over the next couple of weeks I’ll go into more detail so you can see how I’ve set up each step. It’s actually very simple to do and now that I’ve done it once, adding more products for sale will be very simple.


Do you have any experience selling products on Clickbank? Or using DLGuard?

Do you have questions about the process?

Please leave a question or comment below.


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  1. Shalin
    September 5, 2013 | 3:11 pm

    Very clever way to explain the buying process in a flowchart diagram. Its very clear!
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    September 3, 2014 | 5:57 pm

    Hi Allan Ward! Thanks for your useful post!
    “How To Sell On Clickbank” is a popular subject for anyone that want to creat digital products and sell them for profits. I think it is important that You should have a good product that can help people solve their problems. If A product is really good, it will be promoted by many good affilite marketers. So You will sell more sales!
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  3. Elizabeth Reames
    December 16, 2014 | 2:32 pm


    I appreciate your expertise, as I am a newbie creating my first product for Clickbank. I am wondering if I can have one website for my Clickbank affiliates and w my own direct sales? How does that work, as it seems kind of awkward to me.

    Many thanks,

    Elizabeth in Alabama

    • Allan Ward
      December 16, 2014 | 5:02 pm

      You could set up separate landing pages on the one domain if you wanted to. You could sell your product direct using a plugin like WooCommerce and keep CLickbank purely for affiliate sales.

      Probably from an SEO perspective you’re better off with one page that caters to both – that way Google can (hopefully) send you some traffic. However if you’re planning on getting most sales by your direct efforts and other affiliates, then this becomes less important.

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    May 5, 2017 | 12:38 pm

    I really like the information you share about click bank and how you can build a buyers list. The strategy that you use on the flow chart was very helpful and informative. I have never try selling a click bank product before but after seeing this i might give it a try. Thanks for sharing the information.
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