How To Get More Twitter Followers – Part 5 -The Strategy

Over the past month I’ve been writing about ways to Get More Twitter Followers.

In today’s article, I want to provide a summary of the strategy I use to get more followers.  Because this looks at the strategy, I won’t go into detail about the actual sites of programs I use to do it.  There’s two reasons for this:

  1. Probably within a year, some of the sites I use will be closed or substantially different to what they are today.
  2. It’s more important to understand what I do, instead of how I do it.

If you understand the strategy I use to get more Twitter followers, then you can go away and find the best tools that suit you and do it in the way that you feel most comfortable with.

My process is actually quite simple.  To find new people to follow on Twitter, here’s what I do:

  1. I search for people who Tweet about interesting topics, have certain terms in their bios, or who follow people who operate in my niche.
  2. I follow these people.
  3. If they don’t follow back within a period of time, I unfollow many of them.  There are some people who I whitelist (don’t unfollow).  These are some of the big Twitter users.  I don’t expect they’ll follow me back (yet!), but I want to continue to follow them.
  4. I keep a close eye on the ratio of people I’m following against those who are following me back.  I make sure I never follow more than 110% of the people following me.  For example, if I have 3,000 followers, I’ll make sure I don’t follow more than 3,300 people.
  5. Because I’m regularly following new people and un-following others, I can usually keep the ratios in check and make sure that every day I’m adding some new followers.
  6. I don’t try and follow too many people, too quickly.

Here’s a diagram for those of you who prefer visuals.

In addition to finding people, I want to deliver value to my followers, and help other people find me.  Here’s how I do that:

  1. I have some RSS feeds from blogs I like converted into Tweets.
  2. I have some regular Tweets I schedule in advance.  Between (1) and (2) this ensures there is a regular number of daily Tweets to my account.
  3. I communicate with people who follow me.  I’ll re-Tweet Tweets that I like, I’ll thank people for re-Tweeting mine.  I’ll have conversations with people, ask questions, answer questions and make some random posts about what I’m doing.  This is an important part of my strategy.  I don’t mind automating some of my Twitter posting, but I’ll always make sure I’m interacting with people a few times a day on Twitter – that’s what it’s about.

These last three steps are very important.  There’s no point trying to gain 100 followers each day if you lose 100 of your existing followers because they don’t see any value in your Tweets.

How To Get More Twitter Followers

This has been a very high level view of the strategy I use to get more Twitter followers.  I hope it makes sense and helps you to become more successful on Twitter.

I’m interested in your feedback.  How to you get more Twitter followers?  Do you schedule Tweets?  Do you have another strategy you use that works for you?

And please don’t forget to follow me on Twitter!

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