How Do You Create Value?

If you’ve been around the Internet marketing world for a while, you would have seen your fair share of landing pages.

And on those landing pages you would have seen many products, all promising to show you how to make money on the Internet. Many of these landing pages would also show “proof” of earnings, usually consisting of a click bank screenshot showing deposits. The implication is, that if you follow their program, you’ll also make a lot of money.

But the problem is that many of these people are making promises that they can’t keep.

What are you selling?

I’ve been reading reviews about one particular product that is popular at the moment. This product provides a lot of information about niche marketing. It shows people how to find niches that are popular, how to do keyword research,how to create information products that are targeted to that niche, and how to setup mini sites that sell the information product.

The product has been gaining mixed reviews on the forums. The problem seems to be that many people who have bought the course are struggling to make money using the techniques they have been taught. They are doing all the right things, but they’re not achieving the financial success that the creators of the product have achieved by using the same strategies.

I think the creators of the product may have created a problem for themselves. You see, they’ve created a great course to teach people about niche marketing. But as part of promoting the course, they started promising things they can’t control, namely, income.

They can control the content of the course and the way the subject matter is delivered. They have absolute control over this. So if they think they’ve created a great course on niche marketing, they should focus on selling those benefits in their marketing for the product. Any guarantees they provide should be based around the things they can deliver, not things they have no control over. They can make promises about delivering the course material and providing relevant training on the topic because that’s what they have control over. They don’t have control over the success of their students.

Now, they have a reputation to protect. I’m sure they truly believe in the content of their course and they’re confident that people can be successful if they follow their strategies. It’s unfortunate that some students haven’t had the success that they would like.

Lessons from financial planning

The financial planning industry has had to deal with this issue over the last few years. Many financial planners used to promise their clients that they could deliver great returns. This was fine whilst markets went up. But the reality was that the planners had very little control over the returns their clients would receive. And if you’re going to accept the accolades when markets go up, then you have to be prepared for when markets go down. So, when markets went down, many clients wanted their planners to explain why.

The smart planners realised a long time ago that it was pointless to create a value proposition around great returns. Instead, they looked at the things they could control and built a value proposition around those. Many successful planners have built their value propositions around the strategies they create for their clients. They have total control over the strategies they recommend so it makes sense to base their value on these things.

So how do you create value?

So what are the things you do that create value? This is a very important question to ask yourself and may require some time to answer properly. Whatever product or service you’re selling, people will only buy it if they see value in it. And sometimes, people need help to see the value.

Take some time to look objectively at the products and services you sell and think about the value they create. Sometimes it is helpful to speak with your customers to identify the things that they see as being valuable. Make a list of all the things you do that create value, and then work out how you can promote these features to your clients.

So, how you create value? Leave a comment below and let me know.

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Allan lives in Adelaide, South Australia with his wife and two boys. He is the founder of Blogger Business Plan and loves helping bloggers learn how to transform their blogs from hobbies into sustainable businesses.
When he's not blogging or working in his financial planning business, you'll find Allan playing guitar, reading or coaching his son's soccer team.

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One Response to How Do You Create Value?
  1. Poppie
    March 6, 2010 | 6:52 pm

    Creating value is an ongoing quest for sure!

    What is valuable to me may not be for you, so how do I measure value?

    I rate it as being able to identify, clarify & solve a problem by presenting a solution, either free or paid…but what problem to whom & where…is the question!

    Finding the target market is of value to me.


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