Easy WP SEO Review – Get Help With Your Blog’s SEO

In this Easy WP SEO Review I’ll look at a new WordPress PlugIn called Easy WP SEO. This plugin is similar to SEOPressor and Scribe in that it helps you to optimize your posts as you’re writing them. It costs less than those other products and seems to do some things a little differently.

Easy WP SEO – What Does It Do?

Easy WP SEO Review Pic 1

Here's the score so far!

I’ll explain what this plugin does, and I’ll also show you screen shots as I go along so you can see how it helps me write articles.

The plugin helps you optimize your on-page SEO so your blog post has a better chance of ranking well. It prompts you to optimize your use of the keyword by using it in titles, headings etc. It analyses your post Meta – things like your description, tags etc – to make sure they’re focussed on your keywords and it also analyses your content so you can see how often you’re using the keyword, whether it’s bold or not etc.

I like to think that I know a bit about SEO, but I’ll be the first to admit that I’m lazy when I’m writing posts. I just want to hit the ‘publish’ button and sometimes neglect the SEO aspects.

This plugin helps me get the SEO right by showing me what I need to change.

For this article, I’d like to rank well for the term ‘Easy WP SEO Review‘. On the screen shot to the left you can see that I’ve entered that phrase into the Easy WP SEO dashboard as my primary keyword. This dashboard appears to the right of my visual editor and is visible as I write.

So far, I’m doing OK. This screen shot was taken after I completed the first paragraph. The analysis tells me that my title contains my keyword, and it also begins with my keyword (extra SEO points!). In addition, the title contains at least 3 words.

Where I’m not scoring well, is in the length of my title. I’ve got over 66 characters. This is not good as usually Google only looks that the first 66 characters of a title. My title is ‘Easy WP SEO Review – Get Help With Your Blog’s SEO’ which is less than 66 characters (I know because I just counted them!), but WordPress also adds the name of my blog to my titles, so this would appear with ‘Bloggerbusinessplan.com’ as part of the title, pushing it over the character limit.

This isn’t a big problem to fix, as one of the cool features of Headway theme is the ability to change your title in the visual editor. All I need to do is copy the title from above into a field lower down in the visual editor, and it’ll update the blog title, removing the site name and bringing me back under the 66 character mark.

The other bit you can’t see on the screenshot is the URL tab. I’ve got a green tick because the URL contains the keyword – Easy WP SEO Review –  another big plus for on-page SEO.

Alright, time to save a draft and see if my score has improved.

Improving My Post Meta

Easy WP SEO Review pic 2

It's getting better!

As you can see, my SEO score has improved, but my keyword density has decreased. This is because I’ve written more words, but haven’t used the phrase ‘Easy WP SEO Review‘ as much. I’ve never thought much about keyword density before using this plugin but now that I’m using the Easy WP SEO plugin I’ve become a lot more aware of it. The problem I have is the need for a balance between using your keyword in a natural way, and over-using it so your post becomes painful to read. It gets harder if your main keyword is a longer phase as well.

On the screenshot, I’ve switched tabs and I’m now showing the ‘Meta’ tab. I’ve got a bunch of red crosses here, but thankfully the things they’re showing are easy to fix.

Again, using Headway it’s very simple to update your description and keywords to include the keyword.

By default, WordPress will use the first 150 or so characters from your blog post as the description. I’ll head down below this window in WordPress and update my post description to make it less than 150 characters, but also to start with my keyword.

Here’s what I’ll amend the description to:

Easy WP SEO Review looking at a new WordPress PlugIn called Easy WP SEO. Similar to SEOPressor and Scribe but better value.

I’ll also update the keywords to include my Primary Keyword – ‘Easy WP SEO Review’.

Onto The Post Content

My score has improved, and now I’m looking at the ‘Content’ tab on the dashboard.

Easy SEO Review Pic 3 Content Tab

Over 80% now!

I’ve done ok on this section so far, with more green ticks than red crosses! I’ve found this tab to be useful in a lot of posts because it’s prompted me to concentrate on things I’d usually ignore. For example, I’d often not bother changing the ALT attribute on images that I’d include in posts. The Easy WP SEO Plugin reminds me of this and prompts me to do something about it. There is actually the option to make this happen automatically via the plugin. I’ve been doing it manually as I’ve been taking screen shots.

It also looks at whether you’ve made your keywords bold or italicized. Again, this was not something I used to do, but evidently it helps the ranking of your page. I’ve made it automated.

Other important things to make sure are that your keyword appears in the first 50-100 words of your post, and in the last 50-100 words. So I need to make sure I’m writing ‘Easy WP SEO Review’ towards the end of my post (did you see how I snuck it in there).

The two areas I’m not doing well in are the keyword density and having the keyword in an external link. I’m not too fussed about keyword density – I’m much happier being under the guidelines than over! The external linking I’ll fix later. It’s easy in a post like this – I’ll hyperlink the ‘Easy WP SEO Review’ text to link to the product sales page. Whilst that’s easy to do in a post like this, it’s harder when it’s not about a product.

Get Your Headings Right

The next bit to work on is my post headings. Ideally, you should have your H1 tags containing (and preferably beginning with your keyword) as well as your H2 and H3 tags. My H1 tag is the post title, so if you’ve made sure the title begins with the keyword you’ll get a tick here. At this stage I haven’t got any H2 tags (the usual headings) that contain my keyword. I’ll fix that at the end when I have a title called ‘Easy WP SEO Review Summary’. This will fit nicely at the end of the post.

I don’t use a lot of H3 tags. I don’t know how much of a difference this makes. I’m inclined to think that not using them at all is maybe a bit better than having H3 tags but not having one that says ‘Easy WP SEO Review’. If you’re reading this and you’re an expert in SEO and H3 tags, let us all know.

Can You Read This?

Easy WP SEO Review Pic 4 Readability

It's readable

Another tab calculates how readable your content is.

It uses a range of grading methods to assess your content and provide you with a score. I’m yet to score 100% in this section, but I like to make sure it’s showing a lot of green.

The user guide gives some more information on these different reading grades and provides links to wikipedia so you can find out more.

I’m not going to go into a lot of detail in my Easy WP SEO Review on how the readability part works, but I do think it’s important to pay attention to this section. As I mentioned before, there’s no point cramming your keyword into your content in an unnatural way that makes the article difficult to read.

The Competition

There are already a couple of plugins out there that do a similar thing to Easy WP SEO.

Scribe has been out for a while and is popular and well liked. It’s priced on a monthly subscription and the cost depends on how many posts you write and analyze.

SEOPressor was released earlier this year (I think) and is another option. I haven’t used it, but have read a number of reviews on the product. People seem to like it and say that it helps them produce better optimized content. One main difference is that Easy WP SEO is almost half the price of SEOPressor. And the licence enables you to use it on an unlimited number of blogs that you own.

You can find out more about the differences on the sales page.

From a value point of view, Easy WP SEO appears to be the best option.

Using Easy WP SEO

It’s a WordPress plugin, so it’s easy to install. When you first install it you’ll be prompted for your email and serial number. You can then go through and set up some of the options. The User Guide is very good and helps you through the set-up.

I used it on a couple of existing posts on this web site and another one I own. I entered in the keyword and looked at ways I could improve the on-page SEO. I was surprised at how 10 minutes work could improve my SEO score on existing articles.

I’ve also used it as I’m writing new posts (like this one). It’s easier on posts where I have a defined keyword I’m targeting, like Easy WP SEO Review! Last night I was writing another post that’s not targeting any keyword, so it’s harder to use it in that situation.

Easy WP SEO Review Summary

This plugin does not guarantee you the number 1 position in search engines for your chosen keyword. And that’s a good thing, because there’s no magic formula when it comes to SEO.

What this plugin will do however, is get you focused on the on-page elements of SEO. You’ll be prompted to think more about what you’re writing and how you’re formatting things in order to better optimize your page. Hopefully, this will lead to better rankings.

Does it work? In my opinion, ‘yes’ it does. It’s made me think a lot more about what I’m writing, and it’s made me focus more on the on-page SEO elements that I can control. Ranking well is a marathon, not a sprint. None of us know exactly how the search engines work, and we all know that keyword stuffing leads to articles that are poorly written and hard to read – they’re not going to rank well either. This plugin helps you think about what you’re doing and provides a checklist of things to consider. You don’t have to do the things it suggests, but it is motivating to see your score improving as you’re writing.

Currently, Easy WP SEO is selling via a Warrior Special Offer (WSO) for $37 for a version that you can use on all your blogs. There’s also the option of a developer’s version if you’re planning on selling blogs. I believe the price will be increasing in a few weeks as the WSO ends.

I’ll be updating this Easy WP SEO Review as the price changes and as I write other articles about the plugin. Click here to be taken to the current sales page to learn more about the Easy WP SEO plugin.

Leave a comment and let me know what you think.

PS I got my score up to 91.30% – whoo hoo!


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