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Tweet Adder Review – How I Automate Part Of My Twitter Strategy

Tweet Adder Review gif

Tweet EDIT – early in 2015 Twitter suspended TweetAdder’s access their API, making Tweetadder unusable. Unfortunately a tool that I loved using is now no longer working. I’ve written before about how I use Twitter and how I automate some aspects of it, including my DM’s. I haven’t written about the tool I’ve been using…

How To Schedule Tweets Using HootSuite

How To Schedule Tweets With Hootsuite

Would you like to learn How To Schedule Tweets? In this article you’ll discover how easy it is to schedule your tweets using Hootsuite and a csv file.
There are a number of reasons why you may want to schedule your tweets to be sent in the future. The problem can be finding a way to easily upload your tweets to Twitter and schedule them to be sent at times that will have maximum effect.
In this article I show you how easy it is to do.

Matt Cutts Speaks About “Snake Oil Salesman”

Snake-Oil Salesman and Google

Have you ever wondered about those people who promise to get your website a number 1 ranking in Google? Matt Cutts from Google calls them snake-oil salesmen! Find out more in this video.

Good Quotes For Twitter

Good Quotes For Twitter - examples

Tweet I’ve been a Twitter user for a number of years and have become addicted to finding good quotes for Twitter! In this article I’ll share why I use quotes and sayings on Twitter, how I do it and I’ll even share some of my favourites for you to use. Good Quotes For Twitter –…

What is Buffer App

Buffer App Schedule Screen

Tweet Buffer App – you may have heard about it over the past few months. Lots of people have been talking about how they use the Buffer App to Tweet more effectively. You may be wondering – What Is Buffer App. In this article I’ll explain what it is and why you may (or may…

RSS Feeds Into Twitter – How Do I Do This?

TwitterFeed Header

Did you know that you can feed RSS feeds into Twitter? In this article I’ll explain how to do it.

Weekly Wrap 10 June 2011 – Triberr and Ebook Pricing

This weeks’ Weekly Wrap takes a look at Triberr and we talk about how to price an eBook. How much do you think an eBook should cost?

My Twitter Direct Message Example

Tweet I’ve written a few articles about Twitter this year – you can see my Twitter Summary here. One of the things that I’ve learnt about Twitter is that very few people know how to write an effective direct message. In this article I’ll show you an example of the Direct Message I send to…

What Is Twitter Good For?

Tweet A couple of people have asked me the question ‘What is Twitter good for?’ In this article I’ll explain my position on Twitter, why I think Twitter can be a useful marketing tool and where Twitter could fit in your marketing strategies. Twitter and your marketing strategies I’m assuming that if you’re reading this…

How To Get More Twitter Followers – Summary

Tweet Over the past couple of months we’ve been blogging about How To Get More Twitter Followers.  We’ve been looking at ways you can use Twitter and other Twitter-related tools to find more people to follow. Our first article in February was all about Your Twitter Strategy.  In this article we looked at the pros…