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Your Blog Business Plan – Why Should You Bother?

Blog Business Plan Newspaper Clipping

Tweet Do you need a business plan for your blog? Have you gone just fine without one, or could you be doing better? And if you do need a blog business plan, what needs to go in it? In this article I’ll explain why a plan is a good idea, and I’ll also give you…

Seth Godin Versus Michael Gerber – Who Wins?


Tweet I’ve just started reading Linchpin by Seth Godin. It’s an interesting book about how to make yourself into a Linchpin – someone who can “invent, lead (regardless of title), connect others, make things happen, and create order out of chaos.” I’ve only read a couple of chapters so far, but one part captured my attention….

Can You Handle The Truth?

Feedback big mouth

I recently launched a guide on how to price your product and the most valuable thing I’ve received has been feedback. In this article I explain why feedback is a good thing, and the process I went through to find out what people want. And, ‘yes’ I can handle the truth!

J.Crew Lessons for Bloggers

J.Crew and blogging - figure with shopping bags

Tweet I watched a documentary about J.Crew’s CEO Mickey Drexler last night on CNBC and thought it had some great lessons that bloggers can learn from. Drexler came across as a pretty blunt and honest guy who admits he likes to micro-manage. He knows what he likes, seems to learn from his mistakes and is…

The Hedgehog Concept for Bloggers

Hedgehog Concept - Venn Diagram

Tweet The Hedgehog Concept has been around for a number of years in business circles. I was introduced to it when I read Jim Collin’s books Good To Great and Built To Last. My blog aims to introduce business concepts that work in the business world to the blogging world so an article on the…

What Bloggers Can Learn From This Groupon Mistake

Cupcakes and Blogging

Tweet I read this great article today called ‘Cupcake Calamity‘ about a baker in the UK who had an offer in Groupon that worked a little too well! Rachel Brown runs a business called Need A Cake that makes great looking cakes for all occasions. She wanted to grow her business, so decided to publish…

What David and Goliath can teach you about blogging


Blogging and David and Goliath. Really?

How To Make $100,000 Online By Blogging

Make Money from Blogging

Tweet I often see questions on forums asking ‘How can I make $100,000 online’? Sometimes the amount of money in the question changes, and frequently the people asking the questions want to make it in one month. But the bottom line is that these questions are from people who are desperate to make money and…

What’s Your Blogging Routine?

Tweet photo credit: wwarby Do you have a blogging routine? You may write regular blog posts, but are there other tasks that you also do regularly? I’ve always maintained that blogging is like running a business. And no matter what business you’re in, there are some exciting parts to your job, and some not-so-glamorous parts…

How To Be Different From Everyone Else

Tweet I wrote recently about three business strategies you can use for your blogging. Out of the three strategies I looked at, the differentiation strategy lends itself best to bloggers.  In this article I’ll look at the benefits of being able to differentiate yourself from your competitors. Why differentiate? As a blogger, we’re fortunate that we’re…