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On March 10, 2011
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Good training course for those who want to sell affiliate products and learn more about how to rank sites well in the search engines. There is a short guide but the majority of training is by video.

<em><em><em>Bring The Fresh Review</em></em></em>In this Bring The Fresh Review I’ll be looking at the new product from Kelly Felix and Mike Long. Kelly Felix was the man behind the Rich Jerk website and Mike Long has done a fair bit of work with StomperNet. They’ve recently combined to bring out a new product called Bring The Fresh which looks at ways to build  niche sites to sell affiliate products. At the end of the review you’ll learn how you can receive your free Bring The Fresh bonus from me.

Bring The Fresh Overview

Most of the Bring The Fresh content is delivered by video. There are two elements to the product – one is the video training, and the other is the Member Forum.

Essentially the product trains you to build websites that target specific products and shows you how to get those websites ranking well in Google and other search engines. Through your website you sell affiliate products from places like ClickBank and gain a percentage of those sales.

Bring The Fresh Review – Video Training

The Bring The Fresh members area contains all the video training, and a PDF file called the Fast Start Guide.  I found this area a little confusing at first, because there was no clear direction to take with the training. They tell you to download the Fast Start Guide first to gain a better understanding of the Bring The Fresh system and this does provide a good overview of the process, however it’s still confusing to work out which set of videos to watch first.

Once you’ve read through the Fast Start Guide the first set of videos to watch are the Fast Start Videos. These videos show you how to do your keyword research and select suitable products and also show you how to set up a WordPress site optimised for SEO purposes. In addition, there are two other videos showing their concept known as Launch Jacking.

There is another set of videos called the Core Interviews.  In these interviews Mike and Kelly talk about setting up their websites, provide some basic philosophies on Internet marketing and talk a bit about some of the mental aspects of Internet marketing.

In the Behind The Scenes section Mike and Kelly both share some of the stories behind the Rich Jerk website (Kelly) and also Mike’s past internet businesses. I haven’t finished watching these videos but I have found it interesting so far to learn a bit more to learn of the history behind both Mike and Kelly.

There is an additional set of videos called the One Article To Rule Them All Bonus. There are three videos in this section, where Mike shows you how he writes an article and then spins it to submit it to place such as Unique Article Wizard and Link Juicer.

Bring The Fresh Review – The Member Forum

I mentioned there is also a member’s forum for Bring The Fresh.  Unlike some membership programs, this forum is reasonably active, and there are a number of good conversations going on at any one time. It’s a good place to ask questions about the program, as well as other Internet marketing questions that people have.

The people who use the forum are all very friendly and helpful and it’s a pleasing aspect of the Bring The Fresh programme that people are willing to help each other.

Bring The Fresh Review – The Process

The Bring The Fresh process is is all about finding products that you can sell, and setting up a website with the domain name closely related to the product name. Having the product name within the domain name makes it easier for your site to be found within Google.

Once the site is set up, Mike and Kelly suggest ways that you can obtain back links to your site to help it rate better.

They also focus on a concept they call ‘Launch Jacking‘. This involves setting up sites to capitalise on upcoming product launches. So if you knew that a product called ‘Speed Guitar’ was being released in a month’s time, you’d create a site called, add a few pages of content to it and then create a lot of backlinks to it to get it ranking well. When the product is released, you hope to be ranking well in Google search terms for people who are looking to buy the product.

Some of the BTF members have had some very good results from launch jacking. In this Bring The Fresh review I won’t go into much more detail about Launch Jacking, but I am studying the concept a bit more to see if it could become a sustainable part of my internet marketing process.

The Good

There are a number of good points to Bring The Fresh.

  • For a beginner, it provides a good overview of how to do your niche research and build a site.
  • They have some good ideas around getting backlinks and making those backlinks more effective.
  • From what I’ve seen so far, I believe it would be possible to follow the the Bring The Fresh process and begin to make some money. I’m still creating my first site that I’ve built around their methods, so I can’t claim to have made any money yet.

The Not So Good

There are a few things that I’m not so excited about.

  • As I mentioned earlier, it is a bit hard for a new user to work out what videos to watch first.
  • There is a lot of video on the site, and they needed to edit it. Whilst there’s some great content, I’ve found myself watching 40 minutes of video to get 20 minutes of ideas. I guess it depends on how you like to learn things – I don’t mind looking over the shoulder of someone while they’re doing something, but I don’t want to have to see all the boring bits.
  • I’d prefer more pdf’s to download. Apart from the Fast Start Guide there isn’t much else that’s written. I’d love to see more notes giving a summary of the details in the videos.
  • In one of the videos they talk about buying domain names that feature the brand name i.e. ipodtouch etc. This is not a great idea as you’re likely to face legal action from the product owner. They seem to have clarified this in the forum, but they should update the video to reflect this.
  • It looks a lot like Google Sniper. The Google Sniper product is very similar to Bring The Fresh, the main difference being that BTF also involves backlinking.
  • Also, they don’t talk about list building as a strategy. The Bring The Fresh model is built around creating a site, getting traffic to that site and then getting that traffic to click through to a product via your affiliate link. This is ok in the short term, but I personally believe there’s more value in getting them to sign up for your email list as part of the process of sending them to the affiliate web site. This way you’re building up a list of customers for future sales. At the time of preparing this Bring The Fresh Review they have begun talking about building a list on the forums, but as far as I can see the training hasn’t changed.

None of the points I’ve raised here are big issues. I raise them because I want to be honest so if you buy this product you know what you’re getting.

Extra Bring The Fresh

There’s an extra add-on to the Bring The Fresh product called Full Disclosure. For an extra $67 per month for a six-month term, you receive access to extra videos and a special forum area.

Full Disclosure is not necessary to implement the BTF methods, and is something that you can upgrade to at any point in the future. I’m not a Full Disclosure member so I can’t talk any more about it in this Bring The Fresh review.

The Verdict

I’ll provide some more updates when I’ve had a chance to view more of the videos. For now I’ll say that Bring The Fresh does provide good value for money for most people.

Whilst my main focus is on blogging and consulting, there is enough information in this course to help me with some aspects of improving my SEO and getting more traffic to my site. It’s also inspired me to start a niche site using their methods.

Some of the videos are too long and need to be edited, but there are some great ideas in there that you can implement in your web site.

I’m wary of blindly following one method only. With any kind of training like this approach it with an open mind, and use the bits that work for you.

It’s sold through ClickBank, so you’ve got the security of their refund policy. If you buy it and decide it’s not for you, you can get your money back.

Take a look at the Bring The Fresh website and watch the videos they have on the front page. You’ll get some great ideas from watching the free video – that’s a good indicator of what’s inside.

My Bring The Fresh Bonus
If you purchase Bring The Fresh via one of the links on this page you’ll become eligible for a free bonus gift – my Pricing Power guide that I sell here for $19. You’ll receive the guide for FREE if your purchase Bring The Fresh using my affiliate link.
All you need to do is click on one of the links on this page to go to the BTF website and purchase the product. On the order page you should see ‘ALLANWARD’ as the affiliate.
Once you’ve purchased Bring The Fresh just send me an email (allan at BloggerBusinessPlan dot com), tell me your receipt number and I’ll send you a copy of the Pricing Power guide for free.

Leave your comments below. Have you used Bring The Fresh or Google Sniper? What do you think of this concept? What questions do you have that I didn’t cover in this Bring The Fresh Review?

Click the banner below to learn more about Bring the Fresh.

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When he's not blogging or working in his financial planning business, you'll find Allan playing guitar, reading or coaching his son's soccer team.

Good training course for those who want to sell affiliate products and learn more about how to rank sites well in the search engines. There is a short guide but the majority of training is by video.
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3 Responses to Bring the Fresh Review
  1. Des
    March 30, 2012 | 11:15 pm

    I stumbled across your review about “Bring The Fresh” after doing a bit of searching for some independent and honest reviews. Your review is by far the most unbiased. Thank you.
    A year or so ago I received an invitation to BTF but declined because I had enough on my plate. Now I’ve been sent this WSO by a UK marketer about BTF. I’m going to decline it for the simple reason that I don’t go for churning out horrendous numbers of websites, as the BTF system seems to show.
    I’ll keep sticking to my own plodding routine of building content and actually trying to help people in their online business, and in their lives.

    For now though, I’m on the road … a “gap year” … and am only able to grab snippets of time to go online.
    Thanks again for your review, and as a fellow South Australian, I’ve joined your list.

    The best
    Des M

    PS I’m interested in your Headway site, as I also have Headway but have not used it as yet.

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    June 13, 2012 | 12:34 pm

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  3. simon
    August 18, 2012 | 1:47 am

    Hello, nice review I am also in bring the fresh and i have also had a go at the google sniper – however I like btf better. I also agree that list building as this is an asset to ones business.

    regards simon..
    simon recently posted..My Insider No B.S Bring The Fresh Review!!My Profile

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