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Great for producing a lot of content suitable for backlinking & SEO purposes. Quick and easy to use. The only drawback is that it only offers articles in a limited range of niches, although new content is being added regularly.

Article Builder is a product by Jon Leger that’s been around for a while, but has recently had some major updates. In this Article Builder Review I’ll explain how the product works and also discuss who it is suitable for.

Article Builder Review Main HeaderArticle Builder – Do You Need It?

Firstly, let me start out by saying that Article Builder isn’t for everyone. If you’re a blogger who writes your own content, does some promotion via Twitter, Facebook etc, but doesn’t bother with any major backlinking, then you probably don’t need Article Builder.

But if want to do any kind of link building to your website, you need content. And that’s where Article Builder can help you. It can produce content that is suitable to be used on some article sites, web 2.0 properties etc which can link back to your main site.

You’re also able to use it to create content that can be used on your blog or any auto-blogs or article networks you belong to.

How Does Article Builder Work?

Article Builder has a database full of Private Label Rights (PLR) articles that it uses to create articles. You select what topic you want the article to be about, and ArticleBuilder then pulls random paragraphs from the various PLR articles that are relevant to the topic. So you may get one paragraph from one article, another paragraph from a totally different article on the same topic and so on.

Because of the way it generates articles, you’ll end up with articles that are on the correct topic, but will appear somewhat disjointed because they’re pulled from a lot of different articles on that topic.

Because of the random nature these articles are put together, and the size of the PLR database, you’ll get articles that ArticleBuilder says are at least 75% unique. They are unique in the sense that there would be few articles around with the exact paragraph structure and order. Where they’re not unique is in the sense that each paragraph has already been used in other articles.

Super-Spun Content

Another option that Article Builder provides is to build an article using ‘Super-Spun Content‘. There is one master document for each category that has been spun to a massive level. Because of the level of spinning within the one article, it can create millions of different articles, all from the one original article.

The advantage of a super-spun article in article builder is that someone else has done the work for you! All you need to do is import the article into an article spinner and generate as many individual articles as you want.

Importantly, Super-Spun content is not available for every category within Article Builder, but they are gradually adding more of these articles.

What Does Article Builder Look Like?

Article Builder Review - Interface 1Article Builder is surprisingly easy to use.

Firstly, it’s web-based. There’s no software to download to your computer. All you need to do is login to their website. The advantage of this is that you can access it from any computer, anywhere in the world. And if you have an assistant who works remotely, they can also login.

The other advantage of web-based software is that it’s always up to date. So when you login, you’re seeing the latest version, with all the updated article files.

Once you’ve logged in, the main screen has options around building a tips-based article, or building a super-spun article.

Firstly, you select a category from the drop-down list. There are a bunch of categories, but there are some gaps – not every niche is catered for. It’s important the check out the current list of categories before you buy to make sure that there’s suitable content for your niche. You can find the most current list of categories on the Article Builder website.

Click here to view all the categories that are available in Article Builder

Once you’ve selected your category, you may have the option of ticking the ‘super spun content’ box if that’s available for your chosen category.

Target Word Count allows you to select how many words you want each article to be. 300 would be the minimum I’d use – usually I select around 500 or 600. There is a maximum of 1,000 words per article.

Next up, you have the option to select how many articles you want (anywhere from one article up to twenty articles). You’re also able to save them as ‘saved jobs’ . This is a little confusing as you’re not actually saving the output i.e. the articles, but you’re saving the search i.e. the category, size of article etc. This is handy if you plan on regularly generating articles on those topics – you save them, go to the ‘My Saved Jobs’ tab and click on the ‘Run Job’ button to create some articles.

Once your articles are generated, you’re taken to another screen where you can view them. The screenshot below shows an example of one of the articles.

Article Builder Review Article Sample

You have the option of simply copying and pasting the article into WordPress or a text file. Alternatively, if you produce more than one article at a time you can can download a zip file with all the txt files within it.

There is also a ‘post to blog’ option that enables you to import the article to your blog for easy posting.

Click here to go to the Article Builder website and view their demo video

Other Article Builder Advanced Options

When generating articles, there are some extra ‘advanced options’ that you can choose. These are all useful options to make your articles more unique.

Article Builder Advanced OptionsThere’s an option to perform automatic LSI replacement. What this does is replace the primary phrase with other, related phrases throughout the article. The example Article Builder gives is that it could change the term ‘Affiliate Marketing’ to ‘Web Marketing’ or ‘Affiliate Promotion’.

Encode to pass Copyscape is an interesting option :) It’s not something I’d use but what it does is change some of the article text to encoded HTML characters. This makes the text appear unique in the eyes of Google and Copyscape. I can see why this is useful – my concern is whether in the future Google grow wise to this and then penalise articles that have used this.

You can have the same number of paragraphs in each article if you’re submitting to some blog networks that require a bunch of articles to have similar structure.

The last two options are the most useful to me. You’re able to spin articles together, so rather than generating 10 different articles, you can instead generate one article that’s all 10 articles together, full of spintax. If you run that through a content spinner like The Best Spinner, you’ll generate a lot of different articles.

Spin content with synonyms‘ will generate individual articles with extra words added into the via The Best Spinner. You’re then able to generate different versions of articles using an article spinner.

Whenever you use a spinner you lose quality, so make sure you read over the spun versions of your article to make sure it still makes sense  and edit the spintax where necessary.

Using Article Builder’s Inject Content Feature

You may already have your own PLR articles and you just want to make them more unique. Article Builder can help here.

Using the ‘inject content’ feature, you can add more to your article. You have some options:

  • You can add more content to your existing text
  • Add content as a sidebar ‘tip’
  • Add content ‘in-line’ as a call-out
  • Combinations of the above

Here’s an example of how Article Builder adds a Tips sidebar to your content. Note that the colours etc of the sidebar can be customised within Article Builder.

Article Builder Inject Content

 Content For Auto-Blogs

Article Builder Review BannerClick here to go to the Article Builder website and view their demo video

You may be looking for easy ways to populate an auto-blog with content. This is another area that Article Builder excels at.

You have the option of using Article Builder to generate content and upload it automatically to your blog. This can be done a few times a day, week etc. You select the content in much the same way as you would if you were manually generating it via Article Builder – categories, word count etc.

You also have the option of adding pictures (via Flickr) and video (via YouTube) to your article. This is a good way of making your blog post look more unique. You’re also able to add injected content to the post.

I’m not sure why the adding of images and video isn’t an option for the ‘standard’ way of producing an article in Article Builder. The same goes for the ability to inject content as tips or a sidebar.

Article Builder Review – Summary

Article Builder is a useful tool to generate articles. As I said earlier, I wouldn’t use these articles on this blog, but that’s not what it Article Builder is designed for. As a tool to produce articles that I can use on Web 2.0 sites, article sites etc, it works well.

I particularly value the spinning option (via The Best Spinner), as well as the ability to inject extra content.

This product is produced by Jon Leger, and he has a good reputation in the internet marketing industry as someone who produces quality products. From what I’ve read about this product, it appears that it’s constantly evolving and improving.

Whilst there’s no free trial, there is a 30 day money-back guarantee. If you purchase Article Builder and decide it’s not for you, ask for a refund in the first 30 days and you’ll get it. This takes the risk out of the purchase, and allows you to learn how to use it properly so you can evaluate it.

<<<Click here to go to the Article Builder website and view their demo video>>>

If this Article Builder Review has helped you, or if you have questions about Article Builder, please leave a comment below.

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Great for producing a lot of content suitable for backlinking & SEO purposes. Quick and easy to use. The only drawback is that it only offers articles in a limited range of niches, although new content is being added regularly.
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    This is an interesting review of this program. However, I believe the tool is black hat and not aligned with my personal strategy. I believe that writing your own content helps you to become a leader in your niche. I understand that it can be beneficial when publishing on other sites and building backlinks to your money site. However, Google recently cracked down down on private blog networks. I am skeptical of this approach but nevertheless I enjoy reading about different strategies.

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    That’s a great review, but the price is a little steep. However, I guess it’s an unlimited amount of articles once you’ve purchased it.

    Still on the fence.

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    Great review for article builder software, but for me the price of the software is quite expensive.

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