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Allan Ward

My name is Allan Ward and I’ve been involved in business coaching for the past decade – mainly with people and companies in the professional services industry.  These businesses sell knowledge or expertise – quite an intangible thing to sell.  I’ve worked with businesses at different stages in their lifecycle and with different objectives – growth, startup, succession etc.

The common element across all these businesses is that they needed a plan to achieve their success. It didn’t just happen by accident, or overnight. To achieve sustainable growth, these businesses needed a road map that showed them how they could grow from A to B.

And in the blogging and Internet marketing world, you also need a plan.

Sure, you can achieve a certain level of success by trying different things, but if you want to build a business for the long-term, you need to plan for your success.

How I Help

My strength is helping people convert their dreams into achievable goals. I’ve done this for a number of businesses in the off-line world, and now I’m using my skills in the online world.

I can show you:

  • How to set goals that are meaningful and possible
  • Ways to make money out of your blog or web site
  • Decide on the role you’ll take in the business
  • How to promote your business using a range of different strategies
  • Sources of clients
  • How Google works
  • How to price your products
  • How to sell other people’s products
  • How to start podcasting or using video

I believe that the same process I go through with my non-internet business planning clients can be applied to anyone who runs an internet business. It’s still a business, right?  It’s just that yours exists in cyberspace whereas others exist in the physical world.

It doesn’t matter what your business sells, the principles of running a successful business are the same.  And you’ll learn them here.  No hype, no hard sell, just ideas and truths that work.

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