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Tweet Adder Review – How I Automate Part Of My Twitter Strategy

Tweet Adder Review gif

I’ve written before about how I use Twitter and how I automate some aspects of it, including my DM’s. I haven’t written about the tool I’ve been using for the past 3 years to help grow my Twitter accounts – Tweet Adder. It’s time to write a Tweet Adder review and show you why I’m…

Turn your blog into a business

Allan Ward Internet MarketingHi, I’m Allan Ward and I’m a blog coach, helping bloggers turn their blogs from hobbies into businesses.

I help you take business strategy ideas that work in the offline world, and implement them into your blog to create a business that helps you achieve your goals in life.

If you’re ready to take your blog from a hobby to a real business, stick around. You’ll find articles that will help you build the business of your dreams. And don’t forget to follow me on Twitter or FaceBook and check out my guide on How To Sell Your Product Or Service.

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Article Builder Review – An Easy Way To Create Content – Jon Leger Product

Article Builder is a product by Jon Leger that’s been around for a while, but has recently had some major updates. In this Article Builder Review I’ll explain how the product works and also discuss who it is suitable for. Article Builder – Do You Need It? Firstly, let me start out by saying that Article…

An Editorial Calendar For Your Blog

An Editorial Calendar For Your Blog

If creating an editorial calendar for your blog sounds too daunting, just think of it as a simple to-do list. An editorial calendar (EC) can streamline your focus for the week, month, even the year. It also helps with consistency and cuts down on writer’s block.

For the independent blogger there is so much going on it is easy to become overwhelmed. An EC can organize your blogging efforts and help you get things done efficiently, one post at a time.

How To Schedule Tweets Using HootSuite

How To Schedule Tweets With Hootsuite

Would you like to learn How To Schedule Tweets? In this article you’ll discover how easy it is to schedule your tweets using Hootsuite and a csv file.
There are a number of reasons why you may want to schedule your tweets to be sent in the future. The problem can be finding a way to easily upload your tweets to Twitter and schedule them to be sent at times that will have maximum effect.
In this article I show you how easy it is to do.

Matt Cutts Speaks About “Snake Oil Salesman”

Snake-Oil Salesman and Google

Have you ever wondered about those people who promise to get your website a number 1 ranking in Google? Matt Cutts from Google calls them snake-oil salesmen! Find out more in this video.

Your Blog Business Plan – Why Should You Bother?

Blog Business Plan Newspaper Clipping

Do you need a business plan for your blog? Have you gone just fine without one, or could you be doing better? And if you do need a blog business plan, what needs to go in it? In this article I’ll explain why a plan is a good idea, and I’ll also give you some…

Image Sources For Bloggers

Image Sources For Bloggers

They say a picture says a thousand words. A good picture (or pictures) can enhance your message. A bad image can have the opposite effect! Over the past couple of years I’ve gone through various stages with images. I started off using them (or perhaps over-using them). For a while I stopped using them for…

Good Quotes For Twitter

Good Quotes For Twitter - examples

I’ve been a Twitter user for a number of years and have become addicted to finding good quotes for Twitter! In this article I’ll share why I use quotes and sayings on Twitter, how I do it and I’ll even share some of my favourites for you to use. Good Quotes For Twitter – Why…

How To Use Clickbank To Sell Your Own Product

Online Shopping Card

Discover how easy it is to sell a product on Clickbank. Also see how to add your customers to your Aweber email list as part of the sales process.

Last article I wrote about my experience in setting up a product for sale using Clickbank, Aweber and DL Guard. In today’s article I’ll go into more depth about how to set up your Clickbank account to sell your product and how to integrate your Aweber email list with it.